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I get really annoyed when my dad makes breakfast because he makes THE SAME THING every time and I don’t even like it.
But then I realized that’s probably how my family feels whenever I make dinner because 9 out of 10 times it’s a stir fry.

I didn't have the heart to break it to him

<b>  <b></b> Coworker:</b> I drink basically nothing but water.<p><b>Me:</b> Yeah me too, except for Dasani. It tastes nasty. They put salt in their water.<p><b>Coworker:</b> Oh yeah? Well I know they put chemicals in their water.<p><b>Me:</b> Do they really?<p><b>Coworker:</b> Yeah, if you look on the label they have a chemical listed under the ingredients ...chlorine...chloride... something like that.<p><b>Me:</b> ...Sodium Chloride....?<p><b>Coworker:</b> Yeah that! Too much of that can be deadly. I won't drink the stuff.<p><b>Me:</b> .......................<p><p>